Gillian Lange

Gillian Lange is a Canadian animal activist and rescuer. Lange founded the Lange Foundation in 1993 after founding The Amanda Foundation in 1975. Since becoming involved in rescue she has helped rescued cared and placed over 35,000 companion animals including cats, dogs and horses. Gillian Lange continues to be a significant part of the foundation’s day-to-day operations.


While growing up in Toronto, Gillian and her sister Melinda were not allowed to have a pet because their mom Vivian Lewis was terrified of dogs. Her father John Northway owned a chain of clothing stores. When Lange turned 18 she moved from Toronto to New York where she had a modeling and acting career. She moved to Los Angeles in 1964 and later married movie producer David Lange. After they split in 1974, she found a new career selling real estate. The loss of Bonnie, her beloved Saint Bernard, inspired Lange to find her calling in animal rescue.



Lange has visited the Los Angeles city and county shelters every week since starting her rescue mission in 1974. From Day One her philosophy has been to save the animals that have little chance of being adopted by the public or rescued by other groups. These are animals with serious medical needs (deaf, blind, missing limbs); behavioral issues (abused, unsocialized, frightened); and senior animals who are left behind because of their age and potential medical issues. Lange’s steady fundraising efforts allowed the Lange Foundation to take animals that need specialized medical attention, rehabilitation, and behaviorists.