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How to Help
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We need your help. We are only able to help those animals in need thanks to your support. At the Lange Foundation, we are passionate about our mission of saving helpless and homeless animals. We have a special place in our hearts for those sick, injured, and senior animals who need us most.

You can help us in a variety of ways. We desperately need funding and supplies to house, feed, and care for over 200 animals at both our Halfway Home Kennel and St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary locations. Volunteers are always welcome, not only to provide love and exercise to our animals but also to help organize fundraisers, spread the word, and assist with the everyday tasks of a busy rescue.

Thank you from all of us – staff, volunteers, dogs, cats, and horses – at Lange Foundation. We are very grateful to everyone for your support.

You can help us in a variety of ways: DonatingVolunteering, giving a Gift of Life, Planned Giving, Fostering our special animals, donating to our Wishlist, and Shopping for a Cause.

Call or text 661-341-1916