Community Programs

We feel that every pet we rescue whether it be a newborn kitten or a 2000 lb horse is a enormous responsibility. His or her future is in our hands.

In 2016 we decided to do all we could to keep pets out of the public shelters in the first place. We started an intervention program at the overcrowded Lancaster and Palmdale shelters through which we contracted with the LA County Dept of Animal Care & Control to enter into a Safety Net Program. We have a Lange Foundation employee inside the shelters at all hours, when they are open, to do all we can to prevents owners who think they have no other recourse other than surrendering their pets to the shelter system. We provide medical care, food, supplies, training, and financial assistance for redemption fees. This has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of impounded pets.

Also as an adjunct to this program we have developed an Antelope Valley Spay & Neuter program and recently joined with the LA County’s Homeless Initiative Program through which we provide food, supplies, medical care, and vaccines to the pets of the homeless.