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These are easy ways to donate to Lange Foundation with your everyday purchases. Once you designate Lange Foundation as the organization you want to support, we get a percentage of what you purchase and it all adds up.


Also, for all you Ralphs shoppers, if you sign up with their Rewards Program they will donate a percentage to our foundation as well! Learn more about Ralphs Community Contribution Program

  • Go to ralphs.com
  • If you have an existing account, you can sign in. Otherwise you will need to register with Ralphs.
  • From there, you can enter your current reward card information or sign up for a digital rewards card.
  • Finally, you can lookup “Lange Foundation” (or use our # 94249) and add us to your Community Rewards.
  • You have now completed your Online rewards card registration AND your Community Contributions registration and Lange Foundation can receive up to $150 per household from Ralphs thanks to your regular grocery shopping.
  • Giving Paws is a pet accessories brand that was formed with the primary purpose of helping support shelter pets. They are a small company with a big vision. Their barometer for success is the philanthropic reach within the animal rescue community and doing everything they can to support the lifesaving organizations who work tirelessly to fight for animals in need. 

    In response to the pressing overpopulation crisis, Giving Paws is taking a step further to lend support. They’re proud to announce that they will be donating 100% of our profits from the sale of their dog waste bags to charity.  

    From October 1st – December 31st they will be featuring Lange Foundation as a one of their donation recipients. To purchase their bags, please visit their website www.givingpaws.com or Amazon storefront www.amazon.com/givingpaws