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Spay/Neuter, Vaccination Clinics, Veterinary Financial Assistance

It could happen to anyone with a pet: You’ve always managed to give your pet the medical care she deserves, but because of unexpected circumstances, you’re faced with vet expenses that are far beyond your ability to afford them

No owner wants a pet to suffer because medical care is out of reach. Financial aid is out there, and there are steps you can take to cover an emergency vet bill.

The inclusion of a service, organization or program in this listing is not an endorsement or recommendation. We have no affiliation with any of the organizations or programs listed. We strongly suggest you evaluate each group and review carefully their policies and requirements before applying. Please also note that some of these programs require that the request be made prior to the animal being treated, and that most programs are limited in the amount they can grant for a specific request. Generally, grants are between $25 – 500, so it’s important to check with several sources and to also try to raise funds yourself.

Actors and Others for Animals – pet food, spay/neuter assistance, assistance for necessary veterinary care

Amanda Foundation – free spay/neuter and vaccine.

AngelDogs Foundation – mobile spay/neuter and outreach/educational services

Animal Assistance League of Orange County – pet food, transportation and veterinary care assistance

Animal Health Foundation – veterinary care assistance

Care Credit – zero/low interest credit card to finance veterinary costs

Cats in Need (of Human Care) – spay/neuter assistance

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance emergency financial assistance for cats

FixNation – spay/neuter assistance for cats

Friends of Long Beach Animals – spay/neuter assistance

Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley – low-cost spay/neuter

IMOM – veterinary care assistance, spay/neuter

LA Animal Services – spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchip assistance

Orange County SPCA Animal Rescue Fund – assistance for veterinary care including spay/neuter

Pasadena Humane Society – spay/neuter assistance

PAWS/LA – pet food and supplies, veterinary care assistance, grooming, spay/neuter, veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners, and other services

Pet Assistance Foundation – spay/neuter assistance for dogs, cats, and rabbits

Pet Orphans of Southern California – veterinary care assistance

The Pet Fund – veterinary care assistance

The Pet Rescue Center’s Pet Pantry – pet food, litter, and flea treatments for unemployed, senior, or disabled pet owners

The Sam Simon Foundation – free surgery for non-orthopedic procedures; free spay/neuter operations, including vaccinations, flea control, deworming, nail trims, and antibiotics

Red Rover – veterinary care assistance, support to escape domestic violence

SEAACA – veterinary care assistance, spay/neuter, vaccination assistance

SpayCalifornia – A state-wide referral network/database to connect people throughout the State of California with participating programs and veterinarians offering low cost spay/neuter services.

Spay4LA – free spay/neuter, low-cost vaccines and microchips to spayed and neutered pets

SNP LA – low-cost spay/neuter, vaccines

Spay Neuter Animal Network (SPAN) – spay/neuter assistance

Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation – pet food, spay/neuter assistance, emergency veterinary assistance

Voice for the Animals Foundation – veterinary care assistance