Document Management Policy

Animal Adoption Agreement10 Years3
Animal Adoption Application10 Years3
Accounts receivable10 Years1
Audit Reports (Accountant)permanently1
Bank Statements10 years1
Capital stock/bond recordspermanently1
Cash Books10 years2
Checks (cancelled, except below)permanently1
Correspondence General3 years1
Correspondence (legal, important)permanently1
Depreciation Schedules10 years1
Donations (endowment/restricted)permanently1
Donations receipts (money)10 years1
Note: Donation records include: written agreements, or email communications or notes of oral discussions between Lange Foundation and the donor where representations were made with regard to the contribution on which the donor may have relied in making the gift.
Donation Receipts, goods10 years1
Duplicate deposit slips10 years1
Employee personal records7 years2
Employment Applications3 years2
Expense analyses/distribution schedules10 years1
Financial statement (end of the year)permanently1
Insurance Policies (expired)permanently1
Insurance recordspermanently1
Internal Reports3 years1
Inventories10 years2
Invoices from vendors10 years1
Minute Books, By Laws Art of Inc.permanently1
Payroll records10 years2
Tax Returnspermanently1
Time Sheets10 years1
Volunteer Records3 yearsvolunteer coordinator