September 2016

Dear Friend of Lange Foundation:

After a 7 month search, we have finally found a venue in which to hold our eagerly anticipated annual Estate Sale. Over the years the funds we receive from this event have helped us immensely to cover our operating costs for our two kennels. This year in order to look after our approximately 300 dogs, cats and horses, we have had to go into our savings account each month, and drastically reduce the budget for our life saving Safety Net Program. This program has had a huge impact on the number of pets entering the overcrowded Lancaster Animal Shelter. Sadly, we have also had to reduce our rescues of impounded injured pets who have little chance of adoption and for whom we are often the only recourse.

On top of our financial worries, the recent devastating Sand Fire nearly destroyed St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary. All of our 124 animals were safely evacuated by our extraordinary Sanctuary staff and volunteers, and the heroic firemen on the ground and in the air saved our buildings, even though the flames came to within 6 feet of our kennel and our barn. Now we are faced with the cost of removing two bridges that cross the usual dry stream at the rear of our property to mitigate damage from the mudslides that are expected during the rainy season.

The sale will be held at 2384 WESTWOOD BLVD, just steps north of Pico. Our GRAND OPENING WILL BE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH AT 10 A.M and we will remain open every WEDNESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY FROM 10AM UNTIL 4 P.M.

We have already collected remarkable items including a huge collection of rare art nouveau furniture donated by Sara Campbell, from the home of Sara and Glen Campbell, much of which has been in storage for 40 years. We need to have a big success and hope you can donate designer clothes and handbags, fine art, fine costume and jewelry, lamps, collectibles, china, crystal, silverware, antiques and contemporary furniture. Due to limited space, we will not be able to accept electronics, exercise and sports equipment. We will be open to accept deliveries every Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th. There is street parking and an adjacent large free parking structure next door (see photo on back of letter) This has been a very difficult year for Lange Foundation and I hope you will help us make this the best sale ever!
Please help us to make this a memorable event.



Lange Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Southern California dedicated to saving impounded companion animals and preparing them for their journey to a new, safe, and loving world.

Our Safety Net program at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter celebrates it’s first anniversary this July, and has substantially reduced the number of pets impounded at that shelter. We are so grateful to the Doctors Morrill Foundation for their generous grant which not only enabled us to get this program off the ground, but also saved the lives of many impounded pets who needed surgery.