Tippy’s Closet

In February 2018, we met Tippy at the South LA shelter. It turned out that she had be returned by her owner not just once, but three times! The most recent return shocked the shelter staff when they found she had a rear leg amputated. She had gotten out of her home and struck by a car. The owner stated that she continuously got out of their yard and needed to surrender her.

Tippy did not let this obstacle stop her from being a loving, sweet and fun girl! Unfortunately, time and time again Tippy would be overlooked due to her age and “handicap.” Lucky for her, the best was yet to come.

5 months after being rescued from the city shelter, Tippy found the perfect home with a dedicated owner. They started a business together and have been inseparable ever since!

Tippy’s story continues to be an inspiration at Lange Foundation – no matter your history, there is always hope for a new and better life with the right owner. 

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A message from the founder of Tippy’s Closet:

After adopting Tippy in July 2018, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my sewing machine to make her some one-of-a-kind bandanas. Our reversible bandanas were so cute, Tippy and I felt that we needed to share our creations with our friends! Tippy’s Closet was born, and here we are today.

Tippy was adopted from Lange Foundation; they take such great care of their rescues, we are donating 20% of every purchase to their wonderful organization. By supporting Tippy’s Closet, you are also supporting Lange Foundation and all their rescues in need of forever homes. We hope to see you soon!

Sierra & Tippy

Website: www.tippysclosetca.etsy.com
Instagram: @TippysClosetCA