Spotlight Rescue – BRUNO!

In July of 2017, Bruno was a 1 pound kitten found as a stray alongside his sibling. They were able to join a foster home through the shelter, but unfortunately Bruno’s brother was not thriving and had to be euthanized. Bruno was now a singleton kitten eating, growing, and becoming more playful. 

After 2 1/2 weeks of foster, he was ready to return to the shelter and find his new adopted family. In no time, he was picked, processed and brought into his new forever home, or so he thought. 

His new life seemed great – coming and going as he pleased, chasing birds, and exploring the great outdoors. For 2 years, Bruno was spending time with his family and then getting to explore during his “outside time.” 

He didn’t come home one day and his owner’s received a notice that he had been found injured and brought to the shelter. The owners did not want to deal with his meidical care and costs – they surrendered him back to the shelter. The shelter staff did all they could for his fractured leg and deep wound. They wrapped it and sent out emails to various rescues pleading for help.

We got the email, and immediately told them we wanted to take him and get him the medical care he needed. They described his medical condition as a fracture to the distal left rear leg with a putrid wound – will need amputation. 


Bruno was seen by the orthopedic surgeon and they confirmed that unfortunately his leg needed to be amputated. The flesh had turned necrotic and there were maggots living inside. There was no way to safely fix the fracture without fear of infection. 

Immediately after having the leg removed, you could tell that Bruno felt relieved and much more comfortable. He is lighter, happier and ready to start his new chapter!

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