Spotlight Rescue – LUCIA!

Sweet little Lucia was found in an alley around East LA with bloody legs and an inability to walk. The good samaritans that found her brought her in to the closest shelter – the North Central Animal Shelter. There the medical staff cleaned her up and bandaged her leg. X-Rays showed bilateral fractures. She needed to see a private vet right away.

We received a plea from the veterinarian on staff to take Lucia in and provide her with the much needed surgery. There was no question whether we could or not – the moment the vet called we were completely invested in her. Lucia was brought to VCA ASEC (Animal Specialty and Emergency Center), where Dr. Balfour preformed surgery on on of her legs and then splinted the other. Lucia is now living her life with 2 casts, but that has not slowed her down one bit.

Lucia’s personality has only blossomed since joining the kennel environment. She is not hindered by the cast and if allowed would run and jump everywhere. Luckily, she has a dedicated staff to keep her safe and healing properly. Lucia takes her bathroom breaks throughout the day with the volunteers and enjoys time in our patio area. 

Lucia is about 6 years old and a poodle mix. Her recovery period will be a few months, but her spirit shines extremely bright anytime you see her.


Lucia is hoping to find a loving and safe home to keep her secure and well care for. Anyone who meets her will fall for her charming personality, but her loving nature will seal the deal. 

For any interest in Lucia or the status of her care, please contact the West LA Kennel at

Currently, Lucia is getting bandage changes every 2 weeks, and will need repeat x-rays mid – January.

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