Retired Horses

St. Bonnie’s is the beautiful 4.5 acre ranch we purchased in 2007.  From the start, the property was equipped with modern stables and huge pastures – space for at least 12 horses to live comfortably. 

Not long after we moved in, a horrific hoarding situation was uncovered and the heart-breaking living condition of hundreds of horses was discovered. County animal control had seized control of the property and was looking for rescue organizations to help. Gillian agreed on one condition – that we only rescue the old, the sick, the injured, and the ones in desperate need.

That we did and we haven’t stopped there. Along the way, we have rescued other horses, two minis, many ponies and a donkey, all have survived cruelty or were seized from hoarding situations. When you see these beautiful animals today, you would never know they were ever mistreated.

If you would like to help us care for these beautiful animals, donations are always welcome.