Retired Cats

Our Resident Cat: Poochie!

St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary welcomed its first resident cat back when we were first starting construction on our kennels.

Poochie moved to his new digs on May 17th, after spending over three years at our Halfway Home Kennel. He waited and waited and waited for someone to overlook his tough, gruff exterior. But no one did. It was time to accept that our big tough guy wasn’t going to find his forever home.

Until NOW! Poochie finally has his own home. He lives in the house at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary, with access to a big beautiful outdoor enclosure. He can climb, jump, watch the birds, talk to the dogs, all from within his secure outdoor space. When he wants to take a break from his tough guy exploits, he wanders back inside to the comforts of home. This is cat Heaven.

Even though he still wants us to believe he is big and bad, he is really just a big softie. His favorite place in the whole world is on his favorite person’s lap. There, he can purr contentedly as he watches the world go by.

We will keep everyone updated with stories and photos of Poochie’s new adventures!

If you are interested in learning more about our sanctuary or if you would like to come visit, please contact us. The dogs, cats, and horses love visitors and we are always looking for volunteers to help out.