Rehoming a Pet

There are many reasons why people consider giving up their pets, including unexpected financial difficulties, moving to a new home, conflict between pets in the household, the upcoming birth of a child, death in the family, busy work schedules, and frustrating pet behavior problems.

Although these problems may be challenging to overcome, they are often easier to resolve than you think. It’s important to thoroughly consider alternatives to re-homing before making your final decision.

Taking your pet to an animal shelter is much better than abandoning your pet somewhere to fend for itself – a harsh, lonely death sentence for most animals and illegal in most states. However, your dog will likely find the shelter environment stressful and there is always the risk of euthanasia.

A good alternative is to try finding a new home for your dog/cat yourself. This solution will be easiest on your pet and provide peace of mind for you since you’ll know that your dog is in good hands.

One suggestion is to put a listing with good pictures and detailed descriptions on our Courtesy Listings and/or We recommend asking for an adoption fee. You do not have to collect the fee or you can ask them to donate to the shelter or rescue, but the fee helps weed out those only looking for a free animal. Prospective adopters should be screened to ensure your pet will go to a home as loving as yours.

You can print flyers with the same pictures and info and post them at petshops, vet offices, and public spaces. If you email us a flyer we would be happy to post it at our Halfway Home Kennel.

Utilize your family, friends, coworkers, and social network. Check with them to see if anyone is looking for a new pet. Post on your facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Another recommendation is to go on, put in your zip code, and bring up a list of rescues in your area you can contact to see if they are accepting animals.