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The Challenge
Every year in Los Angeles County, over one hundred thousand pets are taken to animal shelters simply because they drastically outnumber the homes available to them. They spend their last few days in overcrowded cages before most of them are euthanized. As their lives silently end, thousands more are being born who will endure the same fate.
The long-term answer to the overpopulation problem is to prevent the births of pets who will never have homes and will only know misery during their short lives. We are currently seeking funding to continue our efforts in the spay/neuter field.
In the meantime, with your help, we will do all we can to give a future to those who have already been born and abandoned and need our help so desperately.  We continue to do so until the day finally comes when animal shelters will be what they were intended to be: a place of refuge.
Our Commitment
The Lange Foundation (a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization) was founded in 1993 by Gillian Lange, recipient of the 1980 City of Los Angeles St. Francis of Assisi award for her rescue work with impounded animals since 1974. Lange founded the Amanda Foundation in 1975.
To date the two Foundations have rescued and placed over 25,000 cats, dogs and horses who would otherwise have been destroyed in overcrowded public animal shelters. Lange and a group of dedicated staff and volunteers works and will continue working everyday to help homeless animals.
The Ones Under Our Care

The dogs we rescue come to us in all shapes, colors, sizes, and ages. Some are victims of abuse or neglect. Others are starving strays. Some are purebred and some are obedience trained. Our hearts go out to those who need surgery, spending their last few days of life in excruciating pain. We take as many of them as we possibly can and our monthly surgery bills are overwhelming.
The shelters continue to be overcrowded with cats. The kittens have a better chance of adoption than adult cats. Very few adults will ever find homes once they have entered the shelter system even though among them are many Siamese, Himalayan, Persian, Russian Blue, and all-American purr machines. At the Lange Foundation, our cats await their new homes in a cage-free environment. They are given the gift of time and if they are not adopted they will always have a home with us.
The horses under our care receive the same quality of care as our cats and dogs from our dedicated Sanctuary staff and volunteers.

Owners who take their pets to shelters mistakenly believe good homes will be found for them but because of lack of space, most are kept for only five days.
The pets we rescue are cared for at our “Halfway Home Kennel” located at 2106 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 and “St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary” located at 27567 Oak Spring Canyon Rd. Canyon Country, CA 91387.
Each animal receives personalized T.L.C. by our compassionate staff and wonderful volunteers. Once adopted, their progress is followed in their new homes.
We stand behind those we place.

Gillian Lange

Gillian Lange is a Canadian animal activist and rescuer. Lange founded the Lange Foundation in 1993 after founding The Amanda Foundation in 1975. Since becoming involved in rescue she has helped rescued cared and placed over 35,000 companion animals including cats, dogs and horses. Gillian Lange continues to be a significant part of the foundation’s day-to-day operations.


While growing up in Toronto, Gillian and her sister Melinda were not allowed to have a pet because their mom Vivian Lewis was terrified of dogs. Her father John Northway owned a chain of clothing stores. When Lange turned 18 she moved from Toronto to New York where she had a modeling and acting career. She moved to Los Angeles in 1964 and later married movie producer David Lange. After they split in 1974, she found a new career selling real estate. The loss of Bonnie, her beloved Saint Bernard, inspired Lange to find her calling in animal rescue.



Lange has visited the Los Angeles city and county shelters every week since starting her rescue mission in 1974. From Day One her philosophy has been to save the animals that have little chance of being adopted by the public or rescued by other groups. These are animals with serious medical needs (deaf, blind, missing limbs); behavioral issues (abused, unsocialized, frightened); and senior animals who are left behind because of their age and potential medical issues. Lange’s steady fundraising efforts allowed the Lange Foundation to take animals that need specialized medical attention, rehabilitation, and behaviorists.


 Lange Foundation has many wonderful people who volunteer with us. They donate their time and talent to support our mission. Our volunteers typically walk dogs and socialize the cats, but other tasks come up that require our volunteer’s help!

Both locations are accepting volunteers!

  • For interest in volunteering at the Halfway Home Kennel please email:
  • For interest in volunteering at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary please email: