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Spotlight Rescue – IRIS!

Iris, a 17 lb mixed breed dog, was found on the streets of South LA with a dreadful injury to her front left leg. During her intake evaluation, the medical staff noted that her limb had what appeared to be tread marks and asphalt debris around a large wound. After rinsing the excess dirt, they realized it was not just an open wound but a large portion of the leg had been degloved. This is a difficult injury to heal, especially when in a city shelter. 

Iris was in need of a rescue team to provide necessary veterinary care and regular bandage changes. Luckily, we received a call requesting our help and we immediately jumped into action. Iris was pulled from South LA shelter and immediately brought to ASEC (Animal Specialty and Emergency Center). 


Our veterinarian was able to clean and bandage her leg beautifully, and requested we bring her back on a daily basis for bandage changes. Her recovery is high maintenance, but extremely worthwhile because of the gratitude she shows the staff and volunteers. 

Iris is basically a big puppy ready to play the day away. Unfortunately, with restrictive activity, a cast, and a cone, she is itching for a chance to let out her energy. We are incredibly fortunate that one of the veterinarians that works closely with us at ASEC offered to foster her during this challenging time.


Iris is receiving the best of care, and will soon be ready to meet and greet potential adopters. Her playful nature, sweet disposition, and silly antics make her a great dog for a active household! However, because of her injury we do not know she is with other animals. Once she is healed, we can better assess her feelings of cats and dogs.

For any interest in Iris or the status of her care, please contact the West LA Kennel at

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