Our Team

The Lange Foundation functions smoothly with dedicated staff, board members and volunteers. Each member of the team plays an important role in the foundation’s inner workings – rescuing animals, vet appointments, cleaning kennels, donations, and more.  

Board of Directors

Gillian Lange, President
Salli Sammut, Vice President
Lisa Morocco, Secretary
Betty Zornizer, Tresurer
Patty Finkel
Glenn Kirschbaum
Judith Stern
Karen Winnick




Megan Fenner

Honorary Board

Florence Azria
Selma Blair
Billie Cohen
Bobby Diamond
Dr. Daryl Diamond
Jason Garner
Jolyon H. Gissell
Brandon Korff
Sandra Mitchell
Tom Morello
Margaret Perenchio
Paige Rense
Bernie Taupin
Diane Warren
Marion Zola

Halfway Home Kennel

Chelsea Kowitz, Kennel Manager

Jose Flores, Maintenance Manager

Casey Christopher, Assistant Manager

Rebecca DeMars, Adoption Counselor

Sara Schmidt, Volunteer Coordinator

Diana Nelson, Senior Volunteer

San Bernardino Intervention Program

Eloisa Lopez, Intervention Counselor

Carmen Cisneros, Intervention Counselor

 St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary

Jami Perez, Ranch Manager

Miguel Ramirez, Equine Manager

Manuel Gallegos, Equine Caretaker

Miguel Garcia, Maintenance Manager

Justine Koscelansky, Adoption Counselor

Marbeth Alanis, Adoption Counselor

Alyssa Benavidez, Adoption Counselor

Safety Net Program

Tanya Dalton, Safety Net Counselor